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Before seeking treatment, I felt I was the only mom going through this fog of depression. In therapy I learned how to communicate and better ask for help.

JA, Los Angeles

I reached out to Anne during my pregnancy because my anxiety, guilt and fear of failing as a mom became overwhelming. With treatment I was better able to cope with all the feelings, manage the pregnancy and everyday life.

TR, Silverlake

When I made the call to Anne, I was at a loss with how to help my wife. We were so excited for the baby but after the delivery, the reality of being new parents my wife became more anxious and depressed. Through therapy, we were able to get the tools needed to become stronger as a couple and parents.

WN, Pasadena

I felt like my husband and I had become roommates. Our relationship was nonexistent and any hope of communicating without yelling seemed impossible. In therapy we learned what we each bring need to bring to the relationship to make communication and life together better again.

MJ and RJ, South Pasadena

My anxiety and depression were getting in the way of enjoying life and relationships. Panic attacks were increasing to the point of becoming unmanageable. I reached out to Anne and through therapy I learned more about myself and practice coping skills to feel like myself again.

MA, Encino


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