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Individual Therapy

The notion of only “mentally ill” people need therapy is often a stereo type and barrier for individuals to seek therapy. The reality is many individuals who work with a mental health professional find that they can navigate “life’s speed bumps” in a healthy and strategic way. Friends and Family are important sources of support, however there are times to seek a skilled a Mental Health Professional for individual work in a compassionate neutral, non-judgmental setting.

Following are common reasons individuals seek help from a Mental Health Professional:

  1. Issues that are commonly worked on in therapy include stress management, feelings of emptiness, loss of purpose, life dissatisfaction, divorce/divorce adjustment, grief, loss, bereavement, family of origin issues, perfectionism, self-esteem issues anger management, trust issues. It is important to find new ways of coping and building in quality of life.
  2. Beyond the stressors of life Depression is easy to neglect and not seek treatment. Depression leads to feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness, loss of meaning, loss of interest in previously enjoyed and fulfilling activities in work and home, isolation, loss of energy and appetite, thoughts of self-harm. It is important to seek treatment and know that depression is treatable and do not have to live with the symptoms.
  3. Anxiety related disorders such as feeling nervous or panicky, racing thoughts, obsessive thoughts, fear in social situations, fear of flying, PTSD from traumatic experiences, panic attacks and numerous other activities that create extreme stress often improve when an individual receives treatment from a qualified professional.
  4. The emotion of anger is a normal, human emotion. However, when it gets out of control and turns destructive it can lead to affecting work and personal relationships. Working with a Mental Health Therapist will look at the underlying causes of the anger and develop coping techniques to reduce the incidences of anger and improve quality of life.


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