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Family Counseling

Seeking family therapy is the best investment for the well-being of each of the family members and for the family unit. Family therapy looks at the patterns of communication, focusing less on the individuals and more on the family system as a whole.

The Goals of Family Therapy:

  • The early stages of family therapy will be to identify conflicts, anxiety and negative communication patterns.
  • The family will be treated as a whole rather than on an individual. Teaches family members about how families function in general and, in particular, how their own family functions.
  • Strengths of the family will be identified in an effort for the family to work on challenges together.
  • Communication patterns will be looked at and will utilize positive tools to improve communication.
  • Teaches alternate ways to handle conflicts and changes within the family differently. Sometimes the way family members handle problems makes them more likely to develop symptoms.
  • Help family members understand each other better and provide skills to effectively cope with challenging situations.

A unique service that is offered by Anne M. Dennis MA, LMFT is In Home Family Therapy. The therapy service is delivered in the home setting which often makes it more convenient for family members.


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